AccuMate PRO 12V 7A dual: TM-206


AccuMate PRO 12V 7AH is a versatile automatic compact battery charger for lead-acid starter and deep cycle batteries of minimum capacity 17Ah (12V).

Suitable for all types of batteries: filler cap types: absorbed acid “MF” (AGM) for motorcycles, valve regulated (VRLA) & flooded (wet) & GEL-electrolyte types.

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Very easy to use – Select 12V charging output according to battery type, then connect to battery and mains power. The rest is fully automatic.

– 3-step charging
– No risk of overcharging
– Keyhole slots on the rear for wall mounting.
– Integral electronic protections against short circuits. No fuses to burn.
– Approved by ITS to UL & CSA safety standards for battery chargers.
– Integrated handle and cord winder for portable use.
– Detachable charge clamps. charge cable extensions of up to 15 ft/4.5m for maintaining batteries on vehicles.

Automatic and safe: Fully automatic smart charger-maintainer for indoor use. No output when not connected to the battery. Short circuit, over current and reverse polarity protection.

Capability: Simple switch allows this versatile charger to be used on 12V lead-acid batteries.