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BatteryMate 150-9


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  • The reference in the motorcycle industry
  • Unique activation program for new MF-AGM batteries
  • Auto varied charging voltage for each individual battery
  • Automatic fast desulphation program
  • Unique, real-life load tests
  • The widely acclaimed PTW battery activator and true load tester.
  • The multi stage charge and test program is ideal for STD, AGM and GEL motorcycle batteries and includes the industry’s quickest NEW activation program that will have a battery ready in 30 minutes.
  • The powerful recovery-desulphation mode will save even the most neglected batteries – simply put, if BatteryMate cannot recover the battery, nothing else will!
  • The true load test then determines the battery’s capability to deliver starting current within 3 seconds and overall capacity within 15 seconds.
  • 150-9 covers the complete PTW battery range, 60-3 best used on batteries up to 9Ah.
Charger series


Input Power

AC: 100-240Vac