OptiMATE 5: TM-222


OptiMate 5 with 2.8Amps is the ideal all in one tool to care for your cruiser motorcycle, boat or car battery.
In a weatherproof sealed enclosure that includes wallmounts, the OptiMate 5will diagnose, recover, charge, test and maintain your batteries automatically. Recommended for STD (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) & sealed GEL 12V lead-acid batteries from 8Ah to 120Ah, although it can also maintain larger batteries (it will just take longer to charge).

Charging: Recommended for all lead-acid batteries from 7.5Ah – 120Ah

Maintaining: up to 180Ah

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OptiMate™ 5 voltmatic, the ideal tool with automatic selection for 6V – 12V battery care at home. First charger with multi-stage desulphation recovery for 6V batteries.

Fully automatic 6V/12V battery care for medium to large batteries

Desulphates and saves 6V and 12V batteries
Automatic 6V/12V selection
Safe long-term maintenance cycle
Optimises battery power and life

Charging: Recommended for AGM/MF, Standard, GEL and spiral cell batteries
– 12V: from 8Ah to 120Ah rated capacity
– 6V: from 10Ah to 192Ah rated capacity

What’s in the box?

  • Built in wall-mount tabs
  • Two interchangeable connection sets
    • Alligator / battery clamps
    • Weatherproof Permanent connector – Fits directly to battery posts for E-Z storage charging. With 15A automotive fuse.

    How it works

  • Safety check: OptiMate 5 must be connected to a battery retaining minimum 1V to activate its output. It measures
    the battery voltage and selects 6 or 12V charge mode. NOTE: A low voltage 12V battery OptiMate 5 proceeds in the
    6V program, but will during the program warn the user (flashing red TEST/ ERROR led) the batery shoud be verified.
  • SAVE: Desulphation and recovery: if due to sulphation the battery’s resistance is abnormally high and the voltage
    very low, for a 6V battery the program automatically proceeds to the 3 stage desulphation program.
    As a safety precaution for a low voltage, sulphated 12V battery the user must confirm it is a 12V battery (by
    disconnecting the charger from AC power, connecting the clips together and reconnecting to AC power). The charge
    program will preselect 12V mode and the sulphated low voltage 12V can be recovered. Once charging has been
    completed the program once again reverts to VOLTMATIC mode.
    For a 6 or 12V battery, depending on the level of sulphation detected by the program, a higher voltage may be
    applied to overcome the charge resistance, then it proceeds to a controlled pulse charge program for up to 2 hours
    unitl the the battery recovers and accepts charge.
  • CHARGE: Bulk charge: Current is increased according to batery charge acceptance, up to a maximum of 2.8A ( for
    a 12V battery) or 4A (for a 6V battery), to efficiently bring the battery close to full charge. As soon as the voltage has
    reached 7,15V (for 6V batteries) / 14,3V (for 12V batteries) charging is completed during the next step.
  • CHARGE: Pulse absorption, cell equalisation (balancing) and charge verification: Charging is delivered in
    controlled pulses that automatically equalise cell voltages, until the current has reduced below 400mA which is
    indicative of a battery that has reached full charge.
  • Charge retention test: During 30 minutes of no charging a check for battery (and connected system) power leakage
    commences. If the voltage remains above 12,4V during 30 minutes, an “OK” (green LED) lights. These 30 minute test
    periods repeat hourly until the OptiMate 5 is disconnected, during which battery status indication is updated.
  • Charge maintenance: during alternate 30 minute periods the battery is offered charge current (up to the maximum) it
    needs to sustain it against any small connected loads or power leakage and against natural self-discharge, at a float
    limit of 6,8V (for 6V batteries) / 13,6V (for 12V batteries) OptiMate 5 can stay connected to the battery indefinitely, the
    battery will stay cool and safe. And optimally charged.


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