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OptiMATE Pro-2 10A


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10A charge current / bank
Saves batteries as low as 0.5V
14,4V and 14,7V charge programs
Effective pulse cell balancing mode
Charge series connected batteries

The new OptiMate PRO-2 x 10A handles up to 2 batteries at a time. Our exclusive ampmatic microprocessor with version 2 programming, tests the battery before, during and after charging and charge current is automatically varied according to battery size and health. Choose the FAST (3hr) program to quickly recharge a battery on the vehicle or choose the 14,4V or 14,7V program to save, recharge and test batteries (min size: 24Ah) according to manufacturer specifications.

OptiMate-PRO2-10A (588kb)

Charger series




Input Power

AC: 100-240Vac